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Missouri Law Center is a small law firm focused on personalized service with an emphasis on administrative and constitutional law, civil rights, employment law, school law, insurance defense and public sector law.  A few representative clients are Lincoln University, State Technical College of Missouri, City of Linn, and Holts Summit Fire Protection District.


We defend and advise those who exercise the public trust by accepting the responsibility of public office and private citizens who run businesses and employ others.

 Use of this site does not establish an attorney-client relationship.  Only by contacting us and speaking personally with one of our attorneys can you become a client.  Information on this site is presented for general information only and should not be relied on as legal advice. Small changes in facts or circumstances can greatly effect the outcome of legal issues.  Accurate guidance on legal matters can only be provided by a licensed attorney.

Kent L. Brown is licensed to practice law only in the state and federal courts of Missouri, the Eighth Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. You should not rely on any of the information contained in this web site without consulting an attorney licensed to practice within your state. The laws of various states vary widely and small factual differences can completely change the legal analysis in any particular circumstance. You do not, by accessing this web site, e-mailing or telephoning, become a client. If you would like to discuss becoming a client, please contact Mr. Brown.